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[neutron] Bug deputy report for week of November 01


On the week from October 28 to November 3 I was the bug deputy of neutron,
here's a short summary of the bugs arrived.

Critical bugs

   - scenario test
   test_multicast_between_vms_on_same_network fails
      - workaround to skip unstable test is merged, more investigation is
   neutron-dynamic-routing: TypeError: bind() takes 4 positional arguments but
   5 were given
      - assigned, workaround to skip falling test is there ( need to check how to fix the issue

High bugs

   - FloatingIP list bad
      - Assigned, in progress
   - UDP port forwarding
   test is failing often High
      - The workaround to make the test unstable is there, more
      investigation is needed

Medium bugs

   - "AttributeError: 'str'
   object has no attribute 'content_type' in functional tests
      - assigned, in progress
   - DHCP connectivity
   after migration/resize not working
      - More investigation is necessary
   - [L3] snat-ns will be
   initialized twice for DVR+HA routers during agent restart medium assigned
      - assigned, in progress
   - DHCP agent takes very
   long time to report when port is provisioned Medium
      - Assigned In progress

Low bugs

   - Do not inherit from
   built-in "dict"
      - assigned, in progress
   - remove firewall_v1
   exceptions in neutron-lib
      - assigned, in progress


   - [RFE][floatingip
   port_forwarding] Add description field
      - assigned

More investigation is needed

   - firewall rule update
   validating func is not robust enoughï¼?missing considering the stock data
   - Hosts in a
   VPNaaS-VPNaas VPN lose their interconnect.

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