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[cinder] core list update

Thanks to all past and current core contributors.

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Subject: [cinder] core list update


In preparation for the PTG, it's time to revise the list of Cinder core contributors. The following people have made great contributions to Cinder, but unfortunately Cinder is no longer their current focus, and they've indicated that they no longer have sufficient time to act as core reviewers for the project:

- John Griffith
- TommyLike Hu
- Xing Yang
- Yikun Jiang

On behalf of the entire Cinder project team, I thank John, TommyLike, Yikun, and Xing for their past service to Cinder, and hope that they may find more time to spend on Cinder in the future.

While I'm thanking people, I should also thank the current members of the cinder-core group for all their work during the Train cycle (and thank them in advance for all the work I look forward to them doing during Ussuri!):

- Eric Harney
- Gorka Eguileor
- Ivan Kolodyazhny
- Jay Bryant
- Rajat Dhasmana
- Sean McGinnis
- Walter A. Boring IV

There will leave some openings for new core contributors during the Ussuri cycle.  If you're interested in getting some advice about how to position yourself to become a Cinder core, please seek out me or any of the active cores listed above during the PTG.  For people who won't be at the PTG, you can always look for us in #openstack-cinder.

Let's have a productive PTG!