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[kolla] Support Octavia for ubuntu binary on stable/rocky?


I'm trying to install Octavia in Rocky release with Ubuntu binary distro.
And found that there're no docker images for Ubuntu binary.
Then I checked the Kolla dockerfile and found that it will not build the
image since it's not support yet.
But I found that the Ubuntu Cloud Archive Team has already putted Octavia
packages into cloud repository [1]. Since some images built using from this
PPA, I think it can support ubuntu binary in Rocky release.

I tried put package code into Docker files and build, but it gave me an
error message like below:
ERROR:kolla.common.utils:octavia-api Failed with status: matched
ERROR:kolla.common.utils:octavia-health-manager Failed with status: matched
ERROR:kolla.common.utils:octavia-housekeeping Failed with status: matched
ERROR:kolla.common.utils:octavia-worker Failed with status: matched

So I think there's limit somewhere. How can I release it?


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