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[neutron] bug deputy report (the week of Aug 5)

Hi neutrinos,

I was a bug deputy for last week (Aug 5 to Aug 11).
We got a few new bug last week.

Two bugs are in the undecided state.
Live-migration double binding doesn't work with OVN
New, Undecided, No assignee (in neutron)
NOTE: 'neutron' was added to the affected projects last week.
This is related to the double binding feature on non-agent based
drivers like networking-ovn.
networking-ovn already has a workaround for this.
Is any further work needed in neutron side?
More input would be appreciated.
"subnet" register in the DB can have network_id=NULL
New, Undecided, Assigned to ralonsoh
NOTE: I could not reproduce it yet. It looks like a corner case and
more code investigation might be needed.

The following new bugs have been fixed.