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[zaqar][requirements][tc][triple-o][tripleo] jsonschema 3.x and python-zaqarclient

Hi Alex,

Am Mo., 12. Aug. 2019 um 19:29 Uhr schrieb Alex Schultz <aschultz at>:

> Do you have an example of what the issue with tripleo/os-collect-config is?  It looks like os-collect-config has support for using zaqarclient as a notification mechanism for work but I don't think it's currently used.

it depends on it (has it in its requirements.txt) so if its not used,
maybe we can remove it?

> That being said,  can we just fix whatever issue is? I don't see os-collect-config using pool_group anywhere

sure, lets see if we can fix zaqarclient and release a new version.
hao wang recently started responding to this (in a private
conversation), so I'll give him and the team a few days to sort the
issues out.