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[charms] OpenStack Charms 19.07 release is now available

The OpenStack Charms team is delighted to announce the 19.07 charms
release. This release brings several new features and improvements,
including some for existing releases (Queens, Rocky, Stein) and many
stable combinations of Ubuntu and OpenStack.

Please see the Release Notes for full details:

== Highlights ==

* Percona Cluster Cold Start
The percona-cluster charm now contains logic and actions to assist
with operational tasks surrounding a database shutdown scenario.

The neutron-openvswitch charm now supports deployment of DVR based
routers with combined SNAT functionality, removing the need to use the
neutron-gateway charm in some types of deployment.

* Octavia Image Lifecycle Management
A new octavia-diskimage-retrofit charm provides a tool for
retrofitting cloud images for use as Octavia Amphora.

* Nova Live Migration: Streamline SSH Host Key Handling
The nova-cloud-controller charm has improved the host key discovery
and distribution algorithm. This will make the addition of a
nova-compute unit faster and the nova-cloud-controller upgrade-charm
hook will be significantly improved for large deployments.

== OpenStack Charms team ==
The OpenStack Charms development team can be contacted on the
#openstack-charms IRC channel on Freenode. The team will also be
represented at the Open Infrastructure Summit and PTG events in
Shanghai (November, 2019).

== Thank you ==
Huge thanks to the below 46 charm contributors who worked together to
squash 48 bugs, to enable an entirely new charmed version of
OpenStack, and to move the line forward on several key features!

Frode Nordahl
Chris MacNaughton
David Ames
Liam Young
Alex Kavanagh
James Page
Corey Bryant
Ryan Beisner
Tytus Kurek
Edward Hope-Morley
Sahid Orentino Ferdjaoui
Dmitrii Shcherbakov
Rodrigo Barbieri
Peter Matulis
Ghanshyam Mann
Jorge Niedbalski
Nicolas Pochet
Andrea Ieri
Andreas Jaeger
Zachary Zehring
Trent Lloyd
Tiago Pasqualini
David Coronel
Hua Zhang
Ian Wienand
Dan Ackerson
Ramon Grullon
George Kraft
Alvaro Uria
Michael Skalka
Nikolay Vinogradov
Nobuto Murata
Andrew McLeod
Frank Kloeker
Tim Burke
Cory Johns
Marian Gasparovic
Felipe Reyes
Pete Vander Giessen
Ryan Farrell
Mark Maglana
Levente Tamas
Alexander Litvinov
Marcelo Subtil Marcal

OpenStack Charms Team