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[ironic] [sushy] Stepping down from Sushy core

Hey all, it's not easy to send this email. With a heavy heart, I announce
that I'll be stepping down from the Sushy core team effective today.

Almost six months back, I left HPE and joined Oracle. Although earlier I
thought of keeping out some time to dedicate to being an effective Sushy
core reviewer, gradually I found those "spare" time very much elusive and
near impossible to find.

Now after all these years of working together, I really can't completely
disassociate myself altogether. So you can expect me reviewing stuff from
time to time and I will continue to follow Ironic and its projects and
other interesting ones in OpenStack.

Thanks, everyone for everything. It has been great, to say the least, to
work with you all these years. Cheers!

Debayan (deray)
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