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[ptl][release] Stepping down as Release Management PTL

> >
> > Taking the opportunity to recruit: if you are interested in learning how
> > we do release management at scale, help openstack as a whole and are not
> > afraid of train-themed dadjokes, join us in #openstack-release !
> >
> After having quite some (years of) experience with release and stable
> affairs for ironic, I think I could help here.
> Dmitry

We'd love to have you Dmitry!

All of the tasks to do over the course of a release cycle should now be
captured here:

We have a weekly meeting that is currently on Thursday:

Doug recorded a nice introductory walk through of how to review release
requests and some common things to look for. I can't find the link to that at
the moment, but will see if we can track that down.