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[sdk] Proposing Eric Fried for openstacksdk-core

Hey all,

I'd like to propose Eric Fried be made core on SDK.

This is slightly different than a normal core proposal, so I'd like to 
say a few more words about it than normal- largely because I think it's 
a pattern we might want to explore in SDK land.

Eric is obviously super smart and capable - he's PTL of Nova after all. 
He's one of the few people in OpenStack that has a handle on version 
discovery, having helped write the keystoneauth support for it. And he's 
core on os-service-types, which is another piece of client-side arcana.

However, he's a busy human, what with being Nova core, and his 
interaction with SDK has been limited to the intersection of it needed 
for Nova integration. I don't expect that to change.

Basically, as it stands now, Eric only votes on SDK patches that have 
impact on the use of SDK in Nova - but when he does they are thorough 
reviews and they indicate "this makes things better for Nova". So I'd 
like to start recognizing such a vote.

As our overall numbers diminish, I think we need to be more efficient 
with the use of our human time - and along with that we need to find new 
ways to trust each other to act on behalf of the project. I'd like to 
give a stab at doing that here.