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[neutron] Bug deputy report for week of July 29th


I was Neutron bug deputy last week. Below is a short summary about 
reported bugs.


Critical bugs


High bugs

* - Removing a subnet 
from DVR router also removes DVR MAC flows for other router on network
   - Confirmed, needs owner

* - Security groups 
don't work for trunk ports with iptables_hybrid fw driver
   - Confirmed, needs owner

* -
"KeepalivedManagerTestCase" tests failing during namespace deletion
   - Rodolfo took ownership

* - 
/opt/stack/devstack/tools/ failing in neutron functional 
jobs since 8/2
   - merged

Medium bugs

* - update port receive 500

* - Asymmetric floating 
IP notifications
   - Seems events for floating IPs/routers are not sent in some cases
   - Additional information was supplied in bug, need to reproduce
   - Need neutron version information
   - Needs owner

* - Router migrations 
failing in the gate
   - Miguel assigned to himself, needs further investigation

* -
[scale issue] ovs-agent port processing time increases linearly and 
eventually timeouts
   - Confirmed, needs owner

* - Timeout in executing 
ovs command crash ovs agent

* - request neutron with 
Incorrect body key return 500

* - rpc_workers default 
value ignores setting of api_workers
   - merged, backport in progress

Low bugs

Wishlist bugs

* - [RFE] Configure 
extra dhcp options via API and per network
   - Discussed at neutron drivers meeting 8/2
   - Slawek will investigate questions that came up at meeting

Invalid bugs

Further triage required

* - ssh connection 
getting dropped frequently
   - Pike, but not much info given, asked for logs and/or a reproducer
     on more recent code.

* - DVR Mac conversion 
rules are only added for the first router a network is attached to
   - Asked for additional information

* - Rocky DVR-SNAT seems 
missing entries for conntrack marking
   - Looks like a possible mis-configuration
   - Asked for additional information