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[Bug 57045] dumpio output strings are missing

--- Comment #18 from Kurtis Rader <krader@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> ---
I've given up on Apache+Wordpress. In part because issues like this are not
resolved in a timely manner. This issue has been open four years. I submitted a
fix three years ago. If my fix is not acceptable it would be nice to know why
not. I've switched to Caddy+Hugo for my blog. Setting up the Caddy web server
was trivial and immediately gave me a HTTPS enabled site. Subsequent changes to
my Caddy web server config was far simpler than any change I made to my Apache
web server config.

I appreciate that this project has to support a lot of baggage from earlier
releases in order to avoid gratuitously breaking existing uses. But fixing this
issue by incorporating my change wouldn't break any existing use other than the
most pathological. That this is still broken tells me the project is dead.

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