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How to shut down Flink Web Dashboard in detached Yarn session?

Hi everyone,

I recently attempted to create a Flink cluster on YARN by executing the following:
~/flink-1.5.4/bin/ -n 5 -tm 2048 -s 4 -d -nm flink_yarn

The resulting command was not completely successful but it did end up creating a Apache Flink Dashboard with 1 Task Manager, 1 Task Slot, and 1 Job Manager. 

When I look at my Yarn Resource Manager, I don't see my application running. CLI calls for the application id also returned nothing.

I would like to kill the existing web dashboard as well as the other lingering task manager/job manager so that I can try recreating the yarn session successfully. 

Has anyone encountered this before and has any suggestion? I looked through documentation [1] which says to stop a yarn session, you will want to use the YARN utilities (yarn application -kill <appId>) to stop the YARN session. However, the application id in my logs is not found in the Resource Manager so it seems to already have been killed (due to the original yarn session command not properly executing?).