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no log exists in JM and TM when updated to Flink 1.7


It is very weird that there is no log file for JM and TM when run flink job on yarn after updated flink to 1.7.on Flink 1.4.2, everything is OK. I checked the log directory, there were jobmanager.error and jobmanager.out, but without jobmanager.log, but the log message which should exist in jobmanager.log now shows up in jobmanager.error. The taskmanager has the same situation, no taskmanager.log but information exists in taskmanager.error.

below is the container lauch shell, and it seems ok.

yarn     21784  0.0  0.0 109896  1480 ?        Ss   15:13   0:00 /bin/bash -c /home/yarn/software/java8/bin/java -Xmx424m  -Dlog.file=/data03/yarn/userlogs/application_1543893582405_1760130/container_e124_1543893582405_1760130_02_000001/jobmanager.log -Dlogback.configurationFile=file:logback.xml org.apache.flink.yarn.entrypoint.YarnSessionClusterEntrypoint  1> /data03/yarn/userlogs/application_1543893582405_1760130/container_e124_1543893582405_1760130_02_000001/jobmanager.out 2> /data03/yarn/userlogs/application_1543893582405_1760130/container_e124_1543893582405_1760130_02_000001/

any hints?Thanks a lot.