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Re: HA with HDFS question

Hi Steve,

I think your question is specific to HDFS HA setup.
Flink HA addresses failover issues only for job manager and job meta state.
The storage layer for savepoints/checkpoints and its failover are responsibility of HDFS deployment.
Flink uses HDFS as external system, available over location url.
I am not an expert on HDFS HA deployment. You could have a look into hadoop docs [1].



> On 21 Dec 2018, at 21:48, Steven Nelson <snelson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> First off, I am new to using HDFS to store things, so expect stupid questions.
> I am working on hardening our Flink cluster for production usage. This includes setting up an HA flink cluster, saving checkpoint and savepoints to a central location etc. I have a functioning HDFS setup inside an HA Kubernetes cluster. We have successfully stored checkpoint data in the HDFS directory.
> When we specify the location for the HDFS savepoints/checkpoints/HA save locations we specify the a single namenode in the url. My question is how do we implement failover in the event that namenode fails? We looked at putting the namenodes behind a load balancer, except the backup nodes attempt to respond to writes (and fail). I figure I am missing something simple.
> -Steve