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回复:buffer pool is destroyed

Hi Shuang,

Normally this exception you mentioned is not the root cause of failover, and it is mainly caused  by cancel process to make task exit.
You can further check whether there are other failures in job master log to find the root cause.

发件人:Chan, Shuang <shuang.chan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
发送时间:2018年12月21日(星期五) 11:12
收件人:user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
主 题:buffer pool is destroyed

Hi Flink community,


I have a custom source that emits an user-defined data type, BaseEvent.  The following code works fine when BaseEvent is not POJO.

But, when I changed it to POJO by adding a default constructor, I’m getting “Buffer Pool is destroyed” runtime exception on the Collect method.


            DataStream<BaseEvent> eventStream = see.addSource(new AgoraSource(configFile, instance));


            DataStream<Tuple4<String, Long, Double, String>> result_order = eventStream

                    .filter(e -> e instanceof OrderEvent)

                    .map(e -> (OrderEvent)e)

                    .map(e -> new Tuple3<>(e.SecurityID, Long.valueOf(1), Double.valueOf(e.OriginalQuantity))).returns(info_tuple3)

                    .keyBy(e -> e.f0)


                    .reduce((a, b) -> new Tuple3<>(a.f0, a.f1 + b.f1, a.f2 + b.f2))

                    .map(e -> new Tuple4<>(e.f0, e.f1, e.f2, "Order")).returns(info_tuple4);


Any idea?




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