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Re: Custom Metrics in Windowed AggregateFunction

Hi Chirag,

I am afraid you are right you cannot access metrics from within AggregateFunction in WindowedStream. You can though use rich variant of WindowFunction, which is invoked for every window with the results of AggregateFunction. Would that be enough for your use case to use .aggregate(aggregateFunction, windowFunction) and register metrics in the windowFunction?



On 19/12/2018 04:30, Chirag Dewan wrote:

I am writing a Flink job for aggregating events in a window. 

I am trying to use the AggregateFunction implementation for this. 

Now, since WindowedStream does not allow a RichAggregateFunction for aggregation, I cant use the RuntimeContext to get the Metric group. 

I dont even see any other way of accessing the Metric Group in a non-rich function implementation?

Is there any way around here? 

Any help appreciated.



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