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Generating processing time watermarks in idle event time kafka streams?

Any standardized components to generate watermarks based on processing time in an event time stream when there is no data from a source?

The docs for event time [1] indicate that people are doing this, but the only suggestion on Stack Overflow [2] is to make every window operator in stream have a special processing time trigger, which seems clumsy and error prone if you have many jobs and many windows.

I'm thinking there might be a watermark generator that can be plugged into the kafka consumer to make it generate processing time watermarks when there are no messages? Or maybe a standardized operator that can be inserted into the beginning of each stream, just after the source, to generate such idle-source processing time watermarks in event time streams? 

1. "Note that sometimes when event time programs are processing live data in real-time, they will use some processing time operations in order to guarantee that they are progressing in a timely fashion."