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Setting up FsStateBackend with hdfs storage location


I am working on setting up a new flink cluster that stores it's checkpoints in an HDFS cluster deployed to the same Kubernetes cluster. 

I am running into problems with the dependencies required to use the hdfs:// storage location.

The exception I am getting is 

Caused by: org.apache.flink.core.fs.UnsupportedFileSystemSchemeException: Could not find a file system implementation for scheme 'hdfs'. The scheme is not directly supported by Flink and no Hadoop file system to support this scheme could be loaded.
        at org.apache.flink.core.fs.FileSystem.getUnguardedFileSystem(
        at org.apache.flink.core.fs.FileSystem.get(
        at org.apache.flink.core.fs.Path.getFileSystem(
        at org.apache.flink.runtime.state.filesystem.FsCheckpointStorage.<init>(
        at org.apache.flink.runtime.state.filesystem.FsStateBackend.createCheckpointStorage(
        at org.apache.flink.runtime.checkpoint.CheckpointCoordinator.<init>(
        ... 17 more
Caused by: org.apache.flink.core.fs.UnsupportedFileSystemSchemeException: Hadoop is not in the classpath/dependencies.
        at org.apache.flink.core.fs.UnsupportedSchemeFactory.create(
        at org.apache.flink.core.fs.FileSystem.getUnguardedFileSystem(
        ... 22 more

Applicable portions of my build.sbt
val flinkVersion = "1.7.0"

      "org.apache.flink" %% "flink-scala" % flinkVersion % Provided,
      "org.apache.flink" %% "flink-streaming-scala" % flinkVersion % Provided,
      "org.apache.flink" % "flink-hadoop-fs" % flinkVersion,
      "org.apache.flink" %% "flink-test-utils" % flinkVersion % Test,
      ("org.apache.flink" %% "flink-connector-kinesis" % flinkVersion)
        .exclude("org.apache.flink", "force-shading"),

I have attempted to add

val hadoopVersion = "2.7.2"

      "org.apache.hadoop" % "hadoop-hdfs" % hadoopVersion,
      "org.apache.hadoop" % "hadoop-common" % hadoopVersion,

But I am getting alot of version conflicts when I try to package the jar.