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Re: [RESULT] [VOTE] Release 1.7.1, release candidate #2

ahhh...yep. The signature validation has failed.

I don't recall changing anything on my side; investigating...

On 27.12.2018 01:31, Thomas Weise wrote:
Looks like the Maven artifacts are not promoted yet:


On Fri, Dec 21, 2018 at 9:29 AM Chesnay Schepler <chesnay@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

|I'm happy to announce that we have unanimously approved this release.|
|There are 5 approving votes, 3 of which are binding:
* Hequn (non-binding)
* Timo (binding)
* Till (binding)
* jincheng (non-binding)
* Chesnay (binding)|
|There are no disapproving votes.|
|Thanks everyone!|