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Re: Localization of AIR app

I knew there had to be another way to localize Info.plist entries in an AIR app than my workaround. I just didn't do enough digging in AIR docs and release notes because I didn't know to search for purposeStrings (AIR names things kind of oblique to what they actually do). 

Nevertheless, here is the "correct" way to localize Info.plist values explained by the AIR team:


"Comment added by Shubhendu Mishra

Starting AIR 28, you can provide localized purpose strings for the permissions required in the application. You are required to package an XML file called purposeStrings.xml in the application. The format of this XML file should adhere to the sample xml file which is available in AIR SDK at SDK/samples/purposeStrings-sample.xml.

purposeStrings-sample.xml needs to be placed parallel to the swf file while packaging, and the created ipa will automatically contain InfoPlist.strings.

Please refer to the [] AIR 28 release notes."


My other workaround works OK, but this AIR approach should make it easier to do, so I will switch to purposeStrings.xml method when I get the chance.