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Localization of AIR app

Hey all:

I need to localize Info.plist.NSCameraUsageDescription into tr (turkish). I added the translation to an InfoPlist.strings file (according to XCode docs) that is placed into the app's tr.lproj directory when the XCode project is built. 

So I added this command line option to ADT to do the same thing:

-e /Users/ethomas/linqto/FlexDev/keiretsu/locale/tr_TR/InfoPlist.strings tr.lproj/InfoPlist.strings

But when I run the ADT command to package the IPA it gives me this error:

"The path tr.lproj/InfoPlist.strings is restricted. Choose another name for this file."

Has anyone successfully localized iOS Info.plist values in an AIR app? Can you share how? 

I am sure I can create a script to run after building the IPA that will place the InfoPlist.strings file into tr.lproj and then re sign the IPA, but was hoping I could get this working for local debug builds. Is there some way to configure ADT to move InfoPlist.strings to tr.lproj?