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Re: Persisting ContentCache to disk between sessions

Hi Javier:

The thing is we have 52 investor groups in 26 countries on 3 continents and they each have admins entering information that is then displayed in our app. Part of that information are companies that are presenting at regular investor meetings in these different countries. These companies all have logos. Our app polls for changes every 20 seconds, and if someone has added a new company, all users worldwide will see it appear in the app within 20 seconds.

But thanks for your suggestion!


On Oct 29, 2018, at 1:30 PM, Javier Guerrero García <> wrote:

Just my 2 cents: have you considered getting rid of everything and just use
one sprite image for all the logos?

You minimize connections to just 1 download, that if properly compressed
and if logos share a fair amount to colors, could get the size per logo to
a ridiculously few bytes. All item renderers would use the same image (100%
bitmapCache hits), but at the cost of downloading the whole bitmap each
time one of the logos change (how often?).

It could be a fairly simple solution, and may it can improve your app
responsiveness without too much trouble.

Hope it helps ;-)

On Mon, Oct 29, 2018 at 6:22 PM Erik Thomas <erikjthomas@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks everyone for your ideas.
> Alex, I already knew how to do the serialization by encoding/decoding, and
> I may go down that path someday, but if FileStream would just serialize a
> ContentCache (seems like a common want), it would have been a quick
> improvement to app responsiveness.
> Having to write my own serializing logic pushes this down on our
> priorities list since improving app responsiveness is more of a "nice to
> have" and not a high priority.
> I'm going to drop this idea for now.
> Thanks again for your insights, everyone.
> Erik