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Re: Persisting ContentCache to disk between sessions

Just my 2 cents: have you considered getting rid of everything and just use
one sprite image for all the logos?

You minimize connections to just 1 download, that if properly compressed
and if logos share a fair amount to colors, could get the size per logo to
a ridiculously few bytes. All item renderers would use the same image (100%
bitmapCache hits), but at the cost of downloading the whole bitmap each
time one of the logos change (how often?).

It could be a fairly simple solution, and may it can improve your app
responsiveness without too much trouble.

Hope it helps ;-)

On Mon, Oct 29, 2018 at 6:22 PM Erik Thomas <erikjthomas@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks everyone for your ideas.
> Alex, I already knew how to do the serialization by encoding/decoding, and
> I may go down that path someday, but if FileStream would just serialize a
> ContentCache (seems like a common want), it would have been a quick
> improvement to app responsiveness.
> Having to write my own serializing logic pushes this down on our
> priorities list since improving app responsiveness is more of a "nice to
> have" and not a high priority.
> I'm going to drop this idea for now.
> Thanks again for your insights, everyone.
> Erik