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Re: In-app Purchases

Yeah, sadly, our business model is a subscription service at this point for
real estate investors.  So individual users subscribe to our service.  Apple
considers a subscription to be an in-app purchase situation.  Now that they
actually KNOW that people could come to my website to sign up, they are
telling me that they will reject the app if it only appears with a login.

But giving Apple 30% just nauseates me.  My investors don't even get that
much. I feel like starting a developers #MeToo movement because it just
feels like I am being taken advantage of LOL

I really thought that since it was a cross-platform service, that I could
choose any merchant I wanted, sign them up on my website, and that Apple
would accept a login-only app.  But now that they know how it operates, they
are telling me it will be rejected.  I don't know if there is any way around
this at this point.  I thought about deleting the app, and submitting a new
one with a login-only approach in a month to see if deleting the app would
also delete any notes and memory that they have on the app, but I'm probably
not the first guy who ever thought about that and it wouldn't pass.

Let me know if you have any other ideas.  I don't mind paying 4-6% like I do
with Stripe, but 30% is absurd.

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