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Re: In-app Purchases

I have been following this thread, my company sell a service for lot of $$ and we have a iPad app that you need to login to 

look at sales force or work day, no way are they paying apple 30%

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> On 22 Oct 2018, at 20:21, bilbosax <waspence41@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Erik, I am hoping that you may be able to apply your sharp mind to this, but
> I think I may be in an unrecoverable situation with Apple :(  I just got off
> the phone with App Review, and at this point, they KNOW that I am offering a
> paid subscription service, so it does not seem to matter to them that I move
> the account handling and payment services to my website and just offer a
> login in my app.  That may have worked when they didn't know that users paid
> a subscription, but now that they know that payment is taken, they said the
> app would be rejected unless I utilize in-app purchase.  I told them that I
> do not want any new users to sign up through the app, just for current users
> to be able to log in, and they said that if my app did not offer in-app
> purchase, that it would be rejected.  I don't know if that means that I just
> have to import classes and have code that can be recognized as in-app
> purchase, or if that means that I actually have to offer a way for new
> clients to sign up.
> I know that they keep a lot of notes on all of these apps.  It probably
> wouldn't work, but I thought about dropping the app from the app store and
> submitting a new App with just a login feature, but I don't know if the
> notes are attached to the app, or to my account.
> Can you think of any other argument that I could make to Apple that would
> allow me to take signups on my website, but only logins in the app?  How did
> you get around all of this with Keiretsu Forum??
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