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Re: In-app Purchases

Erik, thanks for all the advice and insights.  I am going to move the account
information and payments to my website, but on desktops and androids, you
will be able to do it on both the website and in the app, but for iOS, it
will all be done on the website only.  This is the only way I can think to
do this.  I hope it is not too confusing for my users, I wanted a seamless
solution.  But it is a professional tool, and I feel like if they are really
interested in the tool, they will figure it out.  It is not for the casual

I have only one other concern - Android.  I understand that for games, they
make you do something similar to Apple with in-app purchases.  But when I
submitted my apps to Android, they just simply went live as if there was no
review process.  I am concerned that they may one day actually look at my
app and have an issue with it.  Are people able to sign up and pay for your
Keiretsu Forum service on Android with no problems in the app, or do they
also have a policy where you can't unlock content by paying with a source
outside of in-app purchases?

I've never seen a Review Guidelines for Google.  There wasn't even a place
to give them login credentials to test the app.


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