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Re: In-app Purchases

Thanks for the reply guys.  I really can't believe this. 10 months ago, I
contacted Apple Pay (since you can't talk to App Review until you submit an
app), and they told me that since I was a cross-platform "service", I could
choose any merchant that I wanted.  Now I am being told that I cannot make a
payment inside of the app without in-app purchase, and now you guys are
suggesting that if I redirect them to my website to create their account
there, that Apple probably won't allow this either.  This just feels like
highway robbery.

The government is going to take 40%
Apple is going to take 30%
Overhead for the business is %10 - %15

Leaving me with a measely %15!!!!  Hardly seems worth all the effort! 
Stripe was only going to charge me like 4%, which would leave me with 41%. 
How is it even legal that Apple can charge for 30% of everything done in an
app when most financial services are between 4-6%, and there hasn't been a
class-action lawsuit?

Are you sure that you can't get around this if a user signs up on your
website to create and manage their account, and then just logs into an app
from the app store?  I was told this was perfectly acceptable if you were a
service and you were not simply targeting iOS devices but were

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