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Re: In-app Purchases

Hi Bill:

I'm assuming you expose your sign-up functionality for the Apple reviewer and that's how they know what you're doing. The reason Apple is giving you a hard time is they want their cut of your money and will do whatever they can to make you use in-app purchases for your subscription model. I'm sure this requirement is buried in your Apple developer account agreement small print somewhere, so it's not illegal, but is it ethical?

#2 doesn't necessarily get you past the Apple reviewer if they can click your sign-up link and go to Stripe. The difference between signing up in an embedded WebView hosted signup page and doing so through Safari isn't any difference in the eyes of Apple.

I think you're stuck with using in-app billing for Apple anyway. I use Distriqt ANEs and recommend this one--which will get you Android and iOS in-app purchases with a single API: <>

You'll still have to implement a separate sign-up channel for the desktop AIR versions since the Distriqt ANE doesn't do AIR desktop. There may be an AIR desktop ANE out there somewhere but I suggest you use your existing Stripe for desktop, and use an ANE for iOS and Android. That is unless you use Mac App Store to distribute your AIR desktop app because you will likely run into this same issue for the Mac App. I also recommend hosting your Mac and Windows installers on your own website and NOT distribute through Microsoft store or Apple Store. And if you haven't done Microsoft store yet, plan on a LOT of work to make that happen. Not worth it, IMHO.


On Oct 19, 2018, at 4:27 PM, bilbosax <waspence41@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I know that this is an odd place to ask this, but there are relatively few
active forums to ask about Adobe Air. Although it had passed app review
twice, I had an app rejected recently from Apple's App Store because it does
not use the in-app purchase API. My app is a real estate app that you can
log into, or if you don't have an account, you can create it in the app and
pay for a monthly subscription. Since it is a cross-platform app for
Android, Apple, and desktop, I wanted just one payment solution to make it
simple, so I chose Stripe. I open a webview in the app to pay for the
subscription. Apple claims that my content is locked until payment is made,
so I am required to use the in-app purchase API to unlock the content. Now
that I am so far into development, this could be a huge change that adds a
lot of time to my actual release. I have two options as I see it:

1) Implement in-app purchase API somehow into my code
2) Give the user the option to Sign Up or Log In. If they choose to sign up,
redirect them to my website in safari to sign up and use Stripe as I have
already laid out. Once they have signed up they can then move back to the
app and simply Log In.

I know absolutely nothing about in-app purchases. I always thought that they
used Apple Pay, which I would prefer not to do. Can the in-app purchase API
work with my Stripe Account and subscription products that I created there,
or would I be forced to transform my whole workflow? Of the two options I
listed above, which would you choose? Any ANE recommendations?

Thanks for any insights!

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