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Re: In-app Purchases

iirc there are rules about what purchasing support you can use depending on
the app store. I think Stripe is permitted for content or products that are
not 'delivered' in-app. But for in-app items or app status subscriptions I
think you are obliged to use the in-app purchasing support via whatever app
store you are on, if it is 'in-app'. And pay their 30% or whatever the rate
is now. In the past I used milkmangames ANE for this. But there are other

Please check the rules for whatever app store you intend to publish to.

On Sat, 20 Oct 2018, 12:27 bilbosax, <waspence41@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I know that this is an odd place to ask this, but there are relatively few
> active forums to ask about Adobe Air. Although it had passed app review
> twice, I had an app rejected recently from Apple's App Store because it
> does
> not use the in-app purchase API. My app is a real estate app that you can
> log into, or if you don't have an account, you can create it in the app and
> pay for a monthly subscription. Since it is a cross-platform app for
> Android, Apple, and desktop, I wanted just one payment solution to make it
> simple, so I chose Stripe. I open a webview in the app to pay for the
> subscription. Apple claims that my content is locked until payment is made,
> so I am required to use the in-app purchase API to unlock the content. Now
> that I am so far into development, this could be a huge change that adds a
> lot of time to my actual release. I have two options as I see it:
> 1) Implement in-app purchase API somehow into my code
> 2) Give the user the option to Sign Up or Log In. If they choose to sign
> up,
> redirect them to my website in safari to sign up and use Stripe as I have
> already laid out. Once they have signed up they can then move back to the
> app and simply Log In.
> I know absolutely nothing about in-app purchases. I always thought that
> they
> used Apple Pay, which I would prefer not to do. Can the in-app purchase API
> work with my Stripe Account and subscription products that I created there,
> or would I be forced to transform my whole workflow? Of the two options I
> listed above, which would you choose? Any ANE recommendations?
> Thanks for any insights!
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