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Re: New install of 4.16.1 and air 31 missing things for build

Hi Kyle,

The Flex binary package that the installer uses does not contain a modules folder and probably some other files.  It is intended for using the binaries.

If you want to make changes to the source, get a source package or the repos.


On 10/10/18, 10:02 AM, "kamcknig" <kamcknig@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    I have included two log files, the normal one, and one with verbose logging=
    I also noticed that playerglobal.version, playerglobal.swfversion and
    air.version aren't updated in the of the root folder of
    the SDK when using the apache installer to install the latest versions of
    the AIR and Flex framework so the ant build fails with this error until
    those are set properly
         [echo] PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME is
         [echo] playerglobal.version is 27.0
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