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Spark globalization and localization packages

I'm in the latest Flex and AIR trying to use the
spark.formatters.CurrencyFormatter. The documentation says that it's a
wrapper for the flash.globalization.CurrencyFormatter which uses system
locale settings to display and format data.

This seems to work generally. If i create a formatter with an fr_FR locale
and format a currency I get the proper format and symbol placement. However,
if I got into my Windows 10 region settings and update the french settings
to display currency symbol to the left rather than the right, AIR doesn't
not then display it that way, it continues displaying it in the default way.
I tested other settings too such as changing the decimal symbol, but that
was also not reflected within AIR. How does one change the system settings
and have it then reflected in AIR using the globalization package classes?


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