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Re: Adobe AIR on Google Devices

I'm not an official answer-person for AIR questions, but:


It says:

    Disabling Packaging of Shared Android Applications
    Starting with AIR 26, packaging of shared applications for Android is 
    disabled. With this change, published applications will always have 
    a captive copy of the runtime included in their installation package 
    irrespective of the target selected (that is, apk or apk-captive-runtime).  
    This change allows us to focus our testing and engineering on 
    captive installation - by far, the most popular option."


On 9/28/18, 11:26 AM, "Diogo Vieira" <diogovsflex@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    I'm looking for Adobe AIR on my Google Play and I'm not finding it. Did
    something happen? I received a message from Google that only apps with API
    26 or above will continue to be accepted. However I installed it on my
    smartphone and I'm not getting it. And when I try to run my application,
    there is a message saying that my device does not have AIR 29. Can someone
    help me?