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Re: Inject Authorization Header into WebView on Mobile

Are you REALLY sure that GET/POST parameters in HTTP calls are deprecated?
Wow, the guys at Google might be really pissed of trying to receive their
query strings... The Internet is really going down the hole indeed...

App request:

Server: yourtopsecretservice.php (untested, but I'm pretty sure it will
work if you just copy and paste those two lines)
if ($_GET['login']=='john' && $_GET['password']=='doe') echo "My top secret
response for John Doe's eyes only: hello world!.";
else exit('Auth error'); // and a 404 header would also be nice here

On Tue, Sep 25, 2018 at 1:13 AM bilbosax <waspence41@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> @Javier, this method of sending the username and password has been
> deprecated
> by most modern browsers, and if not, throws up a big warning pop up.
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