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Planning the Fineract 1.3 Release

Hello Community,

Earlier in the year we discussed and adopted a schedule for targeting
monthly releases. We're going to try and achieve that with the forthcoming
1.3 release.

This email hearby kicks off the planning process for the Fineract 1.3
release. I've included the table discussing what is occurring at each phase
and how it differed from our previous processes.

So between now and November 30, on this email thread and in JIRA and the
release planning page, I want any individuals in the community whether
you're a volunteer, an intern, or a partner that's built out functionality,
to discuss and share if you have code that you would like to and think it'd
be ready to contribute for the 1.3 release.

The code should be near complete at this stage so if you do have a
contribute you want to make but it's still in progress, that can be
targeted for a future release, i.e. 1.4

Please discuss on this thread, add to this wiki page or open and tag
tickets with the release fix version of 1.3.0

Release Page on Wiki:
JIRA Filter for Issues Tagged 1.3.0:

Plans for Release Apache Fineract 1.3

Planning Release - Start Discussion on November 21

Announce Release - Nov 30

QA - Nov 30 - Dec 14

Publish Release Notes - December 14

Vote on Release - December 21

Target release date - December 28



Proposed Length

How Far in Advance of Release (Proposed)

How Far in Advance of Release (Currently)

Planning of Next Release

Discuss with community what would like to ship in next release and what
people could work on.

Create fix version on JIRA to assign to.

Action: modify existing email template to open up planning process,
schedule a meeting to discuss and set a tentative branching date (i.e. 2
weeks later, if release date is a month past that).


1 week

6 weeks

Doesn’t Exist

Announcement of Release

Announce what is going to come in the release (should be 80% done at least).

Cut a release branch and freeze release branch and then develop branch can
still have active work on it but only in rare cases might anything
additional from develop

Email out sharing release branch details

4 weeks prior

1 - 2 months


QA begins on the release branch - staging Server setup

Might fix some regression issues

1 - 2 weeks

4 weeks prior

JIRA Sanitization/Publish RElease Notes

Sanitize release documentation

Create release notes and email community release information with links.

2 weeks prior


Create artifacts, sign release, etc. Open up votes

1 week prior


Tally up votes, announce, update websites and infrastructure with new
release artifacts.