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Re: Drop 0. from the version

It may also make sense to distinguish "operations" breaking changes from
API breaking changes. Operations breaking changes establish the minimum
cadence of Druid cluster upgrades, that allow rolling Druid versions back
and forward. I. e. it's related to segment format, the format of the data
kept in ZooKeeper and the SQL database, or events such as stopping support
of ZooKeeper for certain things (e. g. forcing using of HTTP
announcements). So Druid cluster operators cannot update Druid from version
X to version Z skipping the version Y, if both Y and Z have some operations
breaking changes. (Any such changes should support rollback options at
least until the next version with operations breaking changes.)

API breaking changes are just changes in Druid extensions APIs. Druid
cluster operators could skip any number of releases with such breaking
changes, as long as their extension's code is updated for the latest
version of API.

On Thu, 20 Dec 2018 at 20:03, Roman Leventov <leventov@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> It doesn't seem to me that Druid API is going to stabilize in the near
> future (if ever), because there are so many extension points and something
> is broken in every release. On the other hand, Druid is not Hadoop or
> Spark, which have applications API. Druid API for extensions, not
> applications. It is used by people who are closer to Druid development and
> fixing their extensions is routine.
> With that, I think it make sense to drop "0." from the Druid version and
> call it Druid 14, Druid 15, etc.