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[ANNOUNCE] Apache Druid (incubating) 0.13.0 released

We're happy to announce the release of Apache Druid (incubating) 0.13.0!

Druid 0.13.0-incubating contains over 400 new features,
performance/stability/documentation improvements, and bug fixes from 81
contributors. It is the first release of Druid in the Apache Incubator
program. Major new features and improvements include:

  - native parallel batch indexing
  - automatic segment compaction
  - system schema tables
  - improved indexing task status, statistics, and error reporting
  - SQL-compatible null handling
  - result-level broker caching
  - ingestion from RDBMS
  - Bloom filter support
  - additional SQL result formats
  - additional aggregators (stringFirst/stringLast, ArrayOfDoublesSketch,
  - support for multiple grouping specs in groupBy query
  - mutual TLS support
  - HTTP-based worker management
  - broker backpressure
  - maxBytesInMemory ingestion tuning configuration
  - materialized views (community extension)
  - parser for Influx Line Protocol (community extension)
  - OpenTSDB emitter (community extension)

Source and binary distributions can be downloaded from:

Release notes are at:

A big thank you to all the contributors in this milestone release!