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http://$SSHKEY_SERVER_IP/latest/public-keys returns the latest key, even if I didn't select any

Hi everyone, merry christmas!

I'm using Apache Cloudstack

I've created a Centos 7 VM template (without Network Manager), everything
works properly excepts the keypair, I'm using this script:

The issue is:

If I create a virtual machine from the UI, without any keypair selected (I
didn't see any keypair from the menu since I deleted all before create the
VM), Cloudstack is anyway returning the latest keypair used for the user.

Before created the VM, I deleted all the keypairs from the UI, and all the
VMs, and then created the new VM.

I also executed curl http://$SSHKEY_SERVER_IP/latest/public-keys within the
VM to confirm I got the latest used key, which isn't expected.

Is this a bug?


Ignacio Ocampo