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Re: Upgrading OS on hypervisors

No magic exists. Migrate forth, reboot, and migrate back. What I'm really
wondering about is why you upgrade every time, Ubuntu releases a new
kernel... There are a pretty small amount of fixes related to KVM and hosts
are located in the private networks, they are single-tenant. Maybe you just
have to change to policy for that?

чт, 13 дек. 2018 г. в 16:54, Rakesh v <>:

> Hello Folks
> I have a question regarding upgrading OS on hypervisor. We have few
> platforms with around 200 hypervisors in each platforms. Every time a new
> Ubuntu kernel comes in with new security patch like L1TF fix or other , we
> need to upgrade kernel on all hypervisors. Before rebooting hypervisor we
> enable maintenance on it so that all vm's are migrated away. During this
> maintenance we always see some Network interruptions because of live
> migrations.
> How are you guys handling such situations and how are doing the OS
> upgrades? If you have some suggestions or using some automation tools then
> please let know
> I want to reduce time taken to upgrade all hypervisors without any impact
> to Networks or VM's
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