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Re: URGENT: Unable to schedule async job for command, unexpected exception


On 12/13/18 11:50 AM, Ugo Vasi wrote:
> Hi René ,
> the cloustack installation is From the issue you reported to
> me I do not understand if the problem has been solved or not..
> The big problem is that I can not perform any new jobs.
> In addition to the stopped VM there are two routes that were running on
> the host that has crashed.
> One of these routers was redundant as a master of one of the isolated
> networks along with another that has taken its place and is now working.

As far as I can see, this issue is not solved. It is exactly the same
issue we encountered. It seems, that after a while "job timeout? job
cleanup time?" you will be able to run jobs again.

The guys from shapeblue should know more.