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Re: what happened to /dev/xvdd in my instance?

That's a funny - and true observation - I also reproduced the same - during
hotpluging disks, and also during booting instance with already attached
disks - BUT inside VM, there are vda, vdb, vdc, vdd disks (no vde, as can
be seen in VM XML)

I though it might had something to do with ISO files, but these are (as it
seems) always attached as IDE (sdc in my case/test).

I'm still assuming this is done due to some reservations

On Thu, 6 Dec 2018 at 18:25, Yiping Zhang <yzhang@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi, All:
> I am working on a script to handle data disks. So, I added a few data
> disks to my instance. Then I noticed that in listVolumes api output, the
> third data disk actually has a deviceid 4, instead of 3 as I would expect.
> Sure enough, in the guest OS,  I see three data disks as /dev/xvdb,
> /dev/xvdc, and /dev/xvde.  There is no device /dev/xvdd.
> Why does CloudStack skip device /dev/xvdd?  I have verified this behavior
> on both ACS versions and
> Yiping


Andrija Panić