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Re: Both routers are in Master state in VPC

Hi Rakesh,

Can you share your configuration/setup of VPC, hypervisor, are you using private gateways and/or VPN with your VPCs and the version of CloudStack?

There are few known cases where both VPC redundant VRs become master, see: and CLOUDSTACK-9885 issue.

- Rohit


From: Rakesh Venkatesh <>
Sent: Thursday, December 6, 2018 4:53:31 PM
To: users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Both routers are in Master state in VPC

Hello Folks

Several times we have encountered that both the master and the backup
router of VPC network will be in MASTER state and this causes several
issues to network connectivity. We dont the trigger for it but can be
solved by restarting the network with cleanup option. Anyone else has
encountered this issue before and know how to fix it?

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