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[PROPOSE] RM for 4.12

Hi All,

It has been one year since we started discussing the 4.11 release, which
was released on 12 February 2018. Additionally, 4.11 LTS is supported until
1st July 2019 [1]; the next release will be 4.12, prior to our next LTS
(5.0?). With that in mind, I'd like to put myself forward as release
manager for 4.12. Please feel free to discuss if you have comments or

Here is the plan:

1. The freeze date for the will be at the 12th of January 2019.

2. After the freeze date (12th Jan), features will not be allowed on and fixes only if addressing blocker issues. Fixes for other
issues will be individually judged on their merit and risk.

3. RM will triage/report critical and blocker bugs for 4.12 and encourage
people to get them fixed.

4. RM will create RCs and start voting once blocker bugs are cleared and
baseline smoke test results are on par with previous smoke test results.

5. RM will allocate at least a week for branch stabilization and testing.
At the earliest, on 18th January, RM will put for voting from
the branch, and master will be open to accepting new features.

6. RM will repeat 3-5 as required. Voting/testing of -rc2, -rc3 and so on
will be created as required.

7. Once vote passes - RM will continue with the release procedures [2].

I have selected the following pull requests and features to address some
efforts and merge them on

I – IPv6 support for Advanced network;

  I a) ipv6: Calculate IPv6 address instead of fetching one from a pool
#3077 (

  I b) Refactory VXLAN script and add IPv6 support #3070 (

II – UI: Update jquery and related libraries #3069 (

III – Data motion new features

  III a) KVM-Local storage (

  III b) KVM live storage migration intra cluster from NFS source and
destination #2983 (

  III c) Vmware offline migration #2848 (

IV – Add Influxdb to StatsCollector #3078 (

V – Add command to list management servers #2578 (

Please contribute with your ideas and feedback.