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Re: [VOTE] Apache CloudStack RC5


On 11/19/18 4:43 PM, Zehnder, Samuel wrote:

> 1) Memory Consumption on vSphere
> vRouter are starting to swap with low memory available, this also starts
> happening after increasing memory size to 512m. Interestingly, there's
> no process nor cache using the memory as far as "top", "ps", or other
> tools report.

We are seeing the same, looks like a memory leak to us but we assumed
that it might be related to our way we monitor the routers.

vSphere 5.5. We also increased the memory to 1gb but it only "takes more
time" to fill.

To us, it seems to be related to SSH connections or logins, and we found
a potential related issue on github indicating a memory leak in

We were able to force the memory going down very quickly (200MB withing
minutes) by using, 2 parallel executions of the following commands ssh
in into a VR from the managemnt host (Sometimes a ctrl-c and restart is
required to enforce it)

while true; do ssh <router_ip> 'free'; done

with the following config

# cat .ssh/config
IdentityFile /var/cloudstack/management/.ssh/id_rsa
Port 3922
ControlPath ~/.ssh/master-%l-%r@%h:%p
ControlMaster auto

Host 10.100.10.*
  StrictHostKeyChecking no