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RE: [VOTE] Apache CloudStack RC5

I've tested in an ubuntu16 basic zone but not vmware basic zone - I guess that it goes without say that you know to use build nonoss from vmware... have you used the 6.5 sdk ?
I think that it always says requires upgrade until the VR checks in.
Have the SSVM and CPVM checked in ok?  If you go on the VR through the vCenter console what do you see? 

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Subject: Re: [VOTE] Apache CloudStack RC5

I’m having a hard time getting the VR with vSphere to come up successfully.

I built the code from source (the specified commit) and am using the system VM template specified in this e-mail chain.

I’m running in a Basic Zone. When I look at the details for the VR in the GUI, it says Requires Upgrade is Yes. When I click the button to upgrade the template, the operation fails.


On 11/13/18, 6:59 AM, "Paul Angus" <paul.angus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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    Hi All,
    I've created a release (RC5), with the following artefacts up for testing and a vote:
    Git Branch and Commit SH:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/
    Commit: 5aae410dfce2bef5cc21a0892370cb5d0628f681
    Source release (checksums and signatures are available at the same
    PGP release keys (signed using 51EE0BC8):
    The vote will be open for 72 hours - until 14:00 GMT on Friday 16th Nov.
    For sanity in tallying the vote, can PMC members please be sure to indicate "(binding)" with their vote?
    [ ] +1 approve
    [ ] +0 no opinion
    [ ] -1 disapprove (and reason why)
    Additional information:
    For users' convenience, I've built packages from 5aae410dfce2bef5cc21a0892370cb5d0628f681 and published RC5 repository here:
    The release notes are still work-in-progress, but the systemvm template upgrade section has been updated. systemvm templates are available from here:
    Only the following changes have been added to RC5:
    | Version                 | Github   | Type          | Priority | Description                                                |
    |                | `#3018`_ |               |          | Prevent error on GroupAnswers on VR creation               |
    |                | `#3007`_ |               |          | Add missing ConfigDrive entries on existing zones after    |
    |                         |          |               |          | upgrade                                                    |
    |                | `#2980`_ |               |          | [4.11] Fix set initial reservation on public IP ranges     |
    |                | `#3010`_ |               |          | Fix DirectNetworkGuru canHandle checks for lowercase       |
    |                         |          |               |          | isolation methods                                          |
    .. _`#3012`:
    .. _`#3018`:
    .. _`#3007`:
    .. _`#2980`:
    .. _`#3010`:
    Kind regards,
    Paul Angus
    Amadeus House, Floral Street, London  WC2E 9DPUK