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Re: Timestamp of Last Repair

Much appreciated. 

Thank you. 

On Dec 11, 2018, at 10:40 PM, Laxmikant Upadhyay <laxmikant.hcl@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Below info may be helpful for you :

1. In System.log logs (grep for below pattern) (line 244) [repair #2e7009b0-c03d-11e4-9012-99a64119c9d8] new session: (line 282) [repair #2e7009b0-c03d-11e4-9012-99a64119c9d8] session completed successfully

2. In table you can check: started_at and  finished_at field in system_distributed.parent_repair_history


On Wed, Dec 12, 2018 at 12:54 AM Fred Habash <fmhabash@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
We are trying to detect a scenario where some of our smaller clusters go un-repaired for extended periods of times mostly due to defects in deployment pipelines or human errors.

We would like to automate a check for clusters where nodes that go un-repaired for more than 7 days, to shoot out an exception alert. 

The 'Repaied at' field emits a long integer. I'm not sure if this can be converted to a timestamp. If not, is there an internal dictionary table in C* that captures repair history? If not, again, can this be done at all?

Thank you


Laxmikant Upadhyay