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AWS r5.xlarge vs i3.xlarge

Hi list!

I am wondering what instance type is best for a small cassandra cluster on AWS.
Actually I'd like to compare, or have your opinion about the following instances:
  • r5d.xlarge (4vCPU, 19ecu, 32GB ram and 1 NVMe instance store 150GB)
    • Need to attach a 600/900GB ESB
  • i3.xlarge (4vCPU, 13ecu, 30.5GB ram and 9.5TB NVMe instance store)
Both have up to 10Gb networking.
I see AWS mark i3 as the NoSQL DB instances nevertheless r5d seems bit better CPU wise. Putting a decently sized gp2 EBS I should have enough IOPS especially we think to put commitlog and such on the 150GB NVMe storage.
About the workload: mostly TWCS inserts and upserts on LCS.

What's you thought?

PS: I would really avoid going for 8vCPU.