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Re: How to gracefully decommission a highly loaded node?


If it already uses 100 % CPU I have a hard time seeing it being able to do a decomission while serving requests. If you have a lot of free space I would first try nodetool disableautocompaction. If you don't see any progress in nodetool netstats you can also disablebinary, disablethrift and disablehandoff to stop serving client requests. 

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On tis, 2018-12-04 at 14:21 +0330, onmstester onmstester wrote:
One node suddenly uses 100% CPU, i suspect hardware problems and do not have time to trace that, so decided to just remove the node from the cluster, but although the node state changed to UL, but no sign of Leaving: the node is still compacting and flushing memtables, writing mutations and CPU is 100% for hours since.
Is there any means to force a Cassandra Node to just decommission and stop doing normal things?
Due to W.CL=ONE, i can not use removenode and shutdown the node

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