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Re: Revisit the proposal to use github PR

Perhaps somebody could summarise the tradeoffs?  I’m a little concerned about how it would work for our multi-branch workflow.  Would we open multiple PRs?

Could we easily link with external CircleCI?

It occurs to me, in JIRA proposal mode, that an extra required field for a permalink to GitHub for the patch would save a lot of time I spend hunting for a branch in the comments.

> On 12 Dec 2018, at 19:20, jay.zhuang@xxxxxxxxx.INVALID wrote:
> It was discussed 1 year's ago:
> As all Apache projects are moving to gitbox:, should we revisit that and change our review/commit process to use github PR?A good example is Spark:"Changes to Spark source code are proposed, reviewed and committed via Github pull requests" (
> /jay

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