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Re: JIRA Workflow Proposals

> Of course, if we remove Priority from the Bug type, I agree with others 
> that the top level priority ceases to mean anything, and there probably 
> shouldn’t be one.

Benedict, another idea, and this might be for down the road, is to have "Severity" or bug types and "Impact" on non-bug types. Removing everywhere the need for a subjective Priority field. Such an "Impact" field would permit more descriptive values for improvements and features. We can also add some documentation as to what qualifies for the different values to both Severity and Impact. 

And on the topic of Feature types, what are people's thoughts on the "Cassandra improvement Proposal" written up at

If we agree on this then can we have a (mandatory) field on Feature for the CIP? If people are entering requests for new Features then shouldn't they also be willing to do some homework and write up a CIP?


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