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JIRA Workflow Proposals

We’ve concluded our efforts to produce a proposal for changes to the JIRA workflow, and they can be found here: <>

I hope there will be broad consensus, but I’m sure it won’t be plain sailing.  It would be great to get a discussion going around the proposal, so please take some time to read and respond if you think you’ll have a strong opinion on this topic.

There remains an undecided question in our initial proposal, that is highlighted in the wiki.  Specifically, there was no seemingly objective winner for the suggested changes to Component (though I have a preference, that I will express in the ensuing discussion).

Other contentious issues may be:
 - The removal of ‘labels’ - which is very noisy, the vast majority of which provide no value, and we expect can be superseded by other suggestions
 - The introduction of required fields for certain transitions, some of which are new (complexity, severity, bug/feature category)
 - The introduction of some new transitions (Triage, Review in Progress, Change Requested)

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!